What is a Podcast Strategist - Interview with Dani Marie

In this episode, I spoke to Dani Marie. Not only is she a Podcast Strategist, but she also has FIVE podcast. She broke down how she is able to have five podcast and have a life. She also explained to us what a Podcast Strategist is and why we should use one for our podcast.

You can connect with Dani Marie using the links below.

Website: ⁠www.plantopodcast.con/ptp⁠ Linktree: ⁠https://linktr.ee/itisidanimarie?⁠

Podcast Starter Kit: ⁠https://sway.cloud.microsoft/GG0mPOGKjFYnB0NZ?ref=Link⁠

YouTube: ⁠https://www.youtube.com/@itisidanimarie⁠ @Itisidanimarie on all social media platforms!


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